Private hospital care and choice of doctor

Medicare provides you with access to emergency care in a public hospital.

However, for elective surgery you will be placed on a waiting list and you may have to wait for a public bed to become available. As a public patient, you won’t have a choice of doctor as you will be allocated a doctor by the hospital.

Private health cover gives you the freedom to be treated by your doctor of choice, at a time that best suits your needs. It opens the door to the options that the private health care system offers to help protect both your health and lifestyle too.

Extra services not covered by Medicare

In addition to private hospital treatment, there are many extra health care services that Medicare does not cover. These services include dental, optical appliances, physiotherapy, remedial massage, and natural therapies to name a few. Astute Simplicity Health offers benefits to help towards these additional costs.

Astute Simplicity Health offers Extras Protect as a stand alone general treatment (extras) product or as part of a packaged product.

Avoid the Lifetime Health Cover loading

Lifetime Health Cover is an Australian Government initiative. Under Lifetime Health Cover you may have to pay a loading on your premium depending on the age you or your partner are when you first take out hospital cover. To avoid the loading you must take out private hospital cover by July 1 immediately following your 31st birthday. Any delay will result in a 2 per cent loading for each year you are over the age of 30 up to a maximum loading of 70 per cent. The Private Health Insurance rebate does not apply to any Lifetime Health Cover loading applied to your policy. If a Lifetime Health Cover loading is applied to your premium, it can be removed after you have held hospital cover for 10 continuous years.

Find out more information on Lifetime Health Cover.

Receive an Australian Government Rebate on your Private Health Insurance

The Australian Government provides a rebate on private health insurance to make private health cover more affordable. The rebate is subject to an income test so the amount of rebate you are entitled to will depend on your level of income.
All Australians eligible for Medicare may be entitled to receive a rebate depending on your level of income. Higher rebates are available for people aged over 65 and 70.
If you are eligible for a rebate you can lower your health cover premium by applying to receive the rebate as a reduction in the premium you pay to Astute Simplicity Health, or you can claim the rebate in your annual tax return.

The Australian Government introduced a change to remove the rebate from any Lifetime Health Cover loading that may apply to a policy, meaning the rebate only applies to the base rate premium of a private health insurance product.

Find out more about the Australian Government Rebate.

You may avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge

The Medicare Levy Surcharge is another Australian Government initiative. If your taxable income is above the defined income thresholds set by the government, you will be required to pay an additional Medicare Levy Surcharge of up to 1.5 per cent if you don’t hold an appropriate level of private hospital cover. An appropriate level of hospital cover is one which does not have an excess greater than $500 for single members or greater than $1000 for couples, single parent or family members.

If you take out private hospital cover with Astute Simplicity Health you may be exempt from paying the Medicare Levy Surcharge from the date the policy is effective on all hospital covers.

Find out more about the Medicare Levy Surcharge.

But I’m young and healthy!

Even when you’re young and healthy, you don’t know when an unexpected illness or injury can hit. It’s not just a sporting injury that may see you in hospital, it may be tonsillitis, appendicitis or your wisdom teeth, or it may be an unexpected illness that you thought would never happen to you. If you only have Medicare cover and you require hospital treatment, you may be will be placed on a waiting list until a public hospital bed becomes available..

With Astute Simplicity Health, you can choose where or by whom you wish to be treated. Astute Simplicity Health offers you the flexibility and security you require to control your future health care needs.

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