At Astute Simplicity Health, we understand becoming a new parent is an exciting and daunting experience. That is why we want to help you on this journey by introducing you to the Nourish Baby Program.

What is the Nourish Baby Program?
The Nourish Baby Program is designed to educate and support you throughout your pregnancy journey with information from qualified antenatal and early parenting health professionals.

The online courses set you up for parenting success enabling you to learn at your own pace. As a participant of this program, you can learn about your options and choices for antenatal care and receive advice after the birth of your baby right up to their toddler years. Best of all, you can revisit this information at any time that suits you.

Your mental health is important
As a participant of this program, expectant mothers will receive mental health support during their perinatal period. Using iCope Screening, you will be asked a series of questions that screens for symptoms of depression and anxiety.

How do I sign up for the Nourish Baby Program?

To register for the program you must be on an Astute Simplicity Health Hospital cover that includes pregnancy and obstetrics-related services and provide us with documentation from your obstetrician or GP confirming that you are pregnant, including your due date.

Once we have received and confirmed this information, you will receive an email from Nourish Baby with your login details.

For more information about the Nourish Baby Program, or to register, email or call 1300 090 960.

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