A 5% discount

Astute customers receive a 5% discount* on Astute Simplicity Health products, with easy payment by direct debit fortnightly or monthly.

Gap Free Preventative Dental for all the family at your choice of dentist

Under Gap Free Preventative Dental, we offer cover that pays 100 per cent of your dentists regular fee^ up to a maximum benefit for each eligible service. This means that for most dentists you will have no gap or out-of-pocket to pay for an examination, x-ray, scale and clean and fissure sealing. This will help you keep your teeth and gums healthy and help prevent the need for more extensive treatment later on. Importantly Gap Free Preventative Dental applies to all the family at your choice of dentist.

* Regular fee refers to the average fee your dentist charges to all patients of his or her practice for each eligible service.

Gap Free Preventative Dental for children

Our Gap Free Preventative Dental is even better for children who can enjoy gap-free cover for fissure sealing on eligible products. Placement of sealants in children assessed as having a high risk of tooth decay, is a safe and effective way in preventing dental decay in permanent teeth.

Children are covered until they turn 23

Children are covered on their parents’ policy until they reach the age of 23, provided they are not married or living in a defacto relationship. Single, full-time student dependants can remain covered until they reach the age of 25, if fully dependent on their parents.

No excess on same-day hospital stays for adults

Enjoy NO excess on same-day hospital stays for adults on selected products#.

No hospital excess for children

If you choose an excess, you won’t have to pay the excess if a child covered on your policy needs to go to hospital.

Get rewarded for staying a member

At Astute Simplicity Health, we value the relationship we have with our members and that’s why we have Member Rewards on selected covers. Member Rewards will reward each person who has held top general treatment (extras) cover with Astute Simplicity Health for five years or more with a 5 per cent increase in their dental benefits and annual dental limits.

Great service and great service options

We pride ourselves on our customer service. You can access your membership details and transact business over the phone or internet through our online member services. Claiming is easy with point of service electronic facilities (HICAPS), or the Astute Simplicity Health mobile claiming app from your iPhone or Android phone.

We have great partners too

You can choose from a range of no gap+ options and discounts from our optical partners, Specsavers, OPSM, Laubman and Pank.

*The discount cannot be combined with other discounts available under other arrangements between St.LukesHealth and other alliance partners.

^For some preventative dental items on selected products. Annual limits, fund rules and waiting periods apply. Under Gap Free Preventative Dental we pay 100% of your dentists regular fee up to a maximum benefit for each service.

#Selected products are Packaged Astute Gold 250, Packaged Astute Gold 500, Astute Top Hospital Gold 250, Astute Top Hospital Gold 500

+Subject to your level of cover and policy conditions

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